A journey to enjoy with the five senses

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Hello again!! It’s been a lot since I am not writing…Sometimes I really need time to think what I am going to write. This time, while I was thinking, I have realized that I am here almost 8 months. Cannot believe it…

Time goes so fast, and I am pretty sure that after June it would be even worst! Three months of summer and…that’s all! EVS finished! A lot of times I think I am not aware how much I am learning here. I am at a point that I am enjoying everything that I do.


Even going to the supermarket makes me feel happy. I don’t know why, maybe it’s good weather, maybe it’s the happiness and excitement to live in a foreign country… Everything I do enriches me. I feel very comfortable and confident…maybe because I am aware things only happen once and I must enjoy the ride!



That’s why every day I try to do my best in my work, I try to discover new things, places, cities, people…and also I realize that I also enjoy when I am alone. In this kind of experiences you live and work 24/7 with other people and sometimes you need some air. Everyone deserves it and everyone needs it.


I am sure this experience will allow me to grow more personally than professionally. I feel so grateful for having a chance to enjoy this experience and I think everybody should try! At least once! 🙂

A journey to enjoy with the five senses.


Marta (Spain)