Today I am going to show you how a Spanish tortilla is made. It is the typical food that when you are Spanish, in a group oF foreigners, you must know how to do because everyone will ask for it. Here I will reveal the secrets of my father to do it well and that […]

Working with different groups of children

During this year, I had the opportunity to work with different groups of children.  I worked in a school with kids that have some difficulties to learn and that don’t have a lot of attention at home; I worked with refugee kids that don’t have any kind of rules and are super needy; and I […]


Hello everybody! I’m going to talk about Croatia. You can find a lot of information about this country on the internet but I’m going to talk about things maybe you not now. 1. Croatia is known as the country of a thousand islands, in total 1,244 islands, islets and rocks, but in only 60 of […]

No more EVS, now it is ESC – European Solidarity Corps.

Before European Solidarity Corps, there was European Voluntary Service. This one was an international volunteer program funded by the European Commission, which allowed to many european young people (aged between 17 and 30 years) to have the experience of being a volunteer in an organization abroad, with no costs for volunteer. Now, the European Commission […]


ILICA This is probable the first street that you’ll actually notice. It’s a street-photographer’s dream. Ilica is the 3rd longest street in Zagreb and it’s almost 6km long. What makes it so special is that all along it, there are shops- so it’s basically the shop street. There aren’t many cars and the atmosphere is happy, lively and […]

Conflict resolution – an inevitable part of our lives

Mediation is a rather informal process but is governed by five main principles:     1. Voluntary Voluntary participation and consent are core concepts of mediation. No-one can be forced to mediate as, if there is no agreement to mediate, there will be no final agreement either. Even more importantly, all proposals and agreements within […]

Love is our Mother

Support program for people who suffer from malignant diseases   What Circles do? Silence is the best communication- we can help by being present Communication support for Hospital stuff Learn doctors and medicine sisters how to tell the hard diagnosis of patients Collecting money and donations for help Help in easy housework tasks Hospital visits and […]

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