The greatness of being a volunteer

“Many small people, in small places, doing small things can change the world” – Eduardo Galeano On 5th of december was celebrated the volunteer day. So, this time, I will talk not about being an EVS volunteer, but about being a volunteer in general. Volunteering is one of the most priceless things that a human […]


One of our tasks within the EVS program is the home visits. Each visit is different, because we aren’t always with the same person, each one is a world and has a different character. The communication with these women is very complicated due to the linguistic barrier, and it’s practically impossible to establish a conversation […]

New country, new language. What now?

Two months ago, I left Portugal and came to Croatia to do an EVS. One of the things that I always thought that would be a problem was the linguistic barrier. Not just because I don’t know to speak croatian but also because my english was not so good. The first thing that I figured […]

Transfrorming our lives through EVS

  Every EVS volunteer has a different experience with their projects for sure. My EVS is transformative for me since I was searching for that before I came here. I couldn’t find enough time to think, learn or use this information in my life before. This is the most beautiful side of volunteering projects I […]

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