Critical Workers Youth Exchange

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CRITICAL WORKERS was a youth exchange aimed at empowering young people with competences and practical tools to prevent mobbing phenomena in their professional environment. During 7 days program 36 participants from Portugal, Ukraine, Czechia, Croatia, Spain and Poland will be involved in activities based on non formal education methods such as discussions, group tasks,  theatre of oppressed, presentations and creative workshops.

Participants were creative and started their own initiatives, for example they wrote a song and created board game about mobbing prevention. Their song ‘Together we are strong’ is available on Youtube:
Participants from Croatia shared their memories with us:
‘This experience was extremely important for my future. I will get a job soon, and I had no idea about the impact that mobbing could make on my job and working environment. Big THANK YOU to Fundacja Vamos! and Erasmus+ on this opportunity. It was true pleasure to meet people from different countries and cultures, which inspired me to seek for another projects. It was amazing experience. Thank you <3 ‘ 

‘I like the variety of the workshops. I think that we learned a lot in a creative and fun way. And also it was very useful because before this i wasn’t sure what can be interpreted as mobbing.’

‘This project was a perfect getaway from reality. A kind of a vacation where you do work, but without pressure and with great people around you. It’s the best way to learn something new when you are relaxed while participating. Thank you!’
Vale.’I loved the experimental learning.’Luc.
‘Thank you Fundacja Vamos! for this amazing opportunity to meet like-minded young people and gain new knowledge about negative behaviour patterns in the workplace.’