Trip to Bosnia

As has been said in previous publications, this type of volunteering gives us the opportunity to travel. In particular, being in Croatia we can know Balkan countries less tourist but no less interesting. A few weeks ago I had the luck of going Bosnia and Herzegovina, a country that a priori I did not know […]

Living in a city right out of a Christmas movie.

In the past 3 years, Zagreb has become a famous for advent, by being named “Best-Christmas-Market” 2016, 2017 and 2018. That makes the whole city drastically change once December is nearing. It literally becomes a Christmas movie set. Apparently, advent quite a huge deal here- as if it isn’t everywhere in the world. Just like […]

Learning Academy – mediation in volunteering

Learning Academy – mediation in volunteering is a training course for EVS coordinators, mentors, trainers, youth workers and educators, who work in context of international volunteering and would like to develop skills connected with mediation as a method of Alternative Dispute Resoluttion.   For participants from:   Croatia, Estonia, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden […]

MindfulKids Workshop

This week for the first time I got a chance to do Mindfulness workshop with kindergarten children in Zagreb. It was my personal Project idea when I came to Croatia and I couldn’t get the chance because of the language barrier but thanks to Zagreb and my organization we found an Amerikan kindergarten to have […]

While I’m traveling, I can help and learn

Why do we travel? Why don’t we stay in the same place? Why don’t we settle? Why do we want to change the world? How can we help while travelling? So many questions do not have a single answer, there are many good reasons why I love to travel and all the questions become answers. […]

Mini EVS- the supervisor role

Hello everybody! This week I would like to talk about being a supervisor in EVS projects. During this month my colleagues and I are writing a project for two “new volunteers” that came to our organization. Well, two volunteers masked like two big rabbits. They are Ana and Ivan, both of them from Croatia.   […]

How I spend my free time in Zagreb

Today I want to talk about my free time. In the early days, when me and others volunteers arrived in Croatia, we made a couple of tours to the centre of Zagreb, to see historical sights like the cathedral and the church of San Marco.     I also remember that on second Saturday evening […]

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