It is so beatiful when one struggles for a noble cause and it is appreciated

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We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.


Ronald Regan

Humanitarian activities- Success depends on the good preparation


Today in my third article, I  want to talk about other activities that I have done here in these three months.

The first event took place on Sunday, October 15th, in the center of Zagreb, to find funds for sick children by selling toys.

That day me and my three colleagues – Asia, Marta and Carmine – woke up really early, around 7am, and we went to the office to help Ivana, arranging all the toys, tables, and umbrellas in her car.

We arrived at the center and we started to fix everything and finished 20 minutes later.

We divided in four to distribute the leaflets, which served to publicize our organization, but Ivana, Antonia, Tihana and Ramona were responsible for donation toys.

After 4 hours the event ended. I remember that I distributed all the given leaflets and girls from the Centre managed to sell a good number of toys.

Again, we arranged all the toys and other things in Ivana’s car, and then we got back to the office to put back everything what was left on its place.

My feeling of that day was really positive because it was my first event where we sold something, and I really liked it a lot. Of course, I was also quite tired but when one does something good, the fatigue goes away and only positive feelings remain.



Humanitarian activities at the Bundek park


This event took place on Saturday, October 28th, in the company of Carmine and an American girl of African descent, Peju, a very nice girl and full of good will.

At the day of event, we put all the things – the games, the puzzles, the books and the tables – in Ivana’s car, we went to Bundek, and all three of us, after arranging all the things, began to attract people’s attention with the goal of selling things we brought.

The results were really good, we managed to sell the games especially well. Peju, as said before, was very helpful and with her enthusiasm and joy she managed to attract many people. After about 4 hours, Peju left and me and Carmine remained alone. The results were less good but considering that we were alone for an hour, not even so bad.

After 5 hours Ivana came back to pick us up, and congratulate us for the work done. For us this was a reason for satisfaction, because both for me and Carmine, is very important to have the approval and esteem of Ivana, as we think she is a special person.

This time, my feeling was also very positive, just as positive as the feeling of tiredness. I say positive because it is beatiful when one struggles for a noble cause and it is appreciated.

Next event I was working on was also at Bundek, it was November 11th, this time only  with the company of Carmine, and of course Ivana, that as usual took us with her car after loading all the things in it.

That day I had positive feelings immediatly, because Ivana was really thankful for me and Carmine, so we gave up our day off to work and this thing really pleased her.

As for the results, they were great, especially in the first 45 minutes. Me and Carmine were both excellent, and we managed to sell a lot, considering that we were alone. It was really a wonderful surprise, but then gradually sales decreased, because of the cold weather. There weren’t many people left in Bundek. But still, at the end of the day, we collected a lot and this was another reason for great satisfaction.



Gathering donations at Vatroslav Lisinski concert hall


This time we were at the closed hall Vatroslav Lisinski, on November 26th, and my company were Ramona and Carmine.

Carmine and I woke up very early that day, and we found ourselves in front of the office, where Ivana was waiting for us with the usual procedure of putting games, toys, books and puzzles in her car.

As soon as we arrived in the concert hall, we began to arrange all these things on the stand, and we started to work.

That day we also had a great result, especially before the start and the end of the show. It was a show where many families with children participated, and obviosly, they were very interested in our toys. After about 4 hours, Ivana came to bring us home and to arrange things inside Krugovi office.

So my experience with the events closes up to now. They all gave me positive experience, and I want to repeat once again how lucky I am that the Krugovi association has chosen me for his project, and I am never tired of thanking all the fantastic people who work here, no one excluded. I am also grateful that I can help to the sick children by volunteering on this project and by gathering donations in different situations. 



Thanks to all