FestiVol: The festival of volunteering

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Last weekend, March 22th and 23th, Krugovi took part in the festival of volunteering organized by Syncro.

This festival was supposed to present the work of some NGOs to the local community and, like this, people interested in volunteering could find out what kind of volunteering work they can do in Zagreb. 

The first day of the festival was like a fair, each NGO had a stand and people could go round and ask questions and get NGO contacts if they were interested in volunteering there.

When I went back home I was still going to the 3° year of my university course, so I decided that I was going to finish university and I was going to do a long term EVS before I jumped into the jobs world. I was already a volunteer in the Red Cross by then, but I decided to join a new project there. And that project was responsible for EVS projects. I became a mentor as well, and that experience was overwhelming but a blessing. I became a friend to our EVS volunteers and I started helping with the volunteers that were going abroad.

To the second day, each NGO prepared a workshop. Krugovi organized a “Live Library”. Basically, there were 5 spots each one with a topic related to our work, mine was about working with children. So, people passed by each spot and we told them what we do in our organisation related to that topic and they could share their experience as well. It was really nice!

Although just a few people showed up in the FestiVol, it was a great initiave and we get at least one new volunteer.