I see children who leave with a smile on their faces

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Helping others is the way we help ourselves


Oprah Winfrey



Raising donations for sick children


I would tell you my experience during fundraising for sick children.

Sometimes we organize low-cost-toy- charity days at the big Bundek park or Vatroslav Lisinski concert hall.

We prepare the table, fix the balloons and billboard, flyers with information about Circles, bookmarks… We also sort bags full of toys and books.

It is always nice to do something and help sick children. By gathering donations from toys, games and books, we always collect some money and donate to families. Donations help families with sick children or parents and provide them financial help for purchasing medicines and food.



When I’m at the donation stand, I often see parents approaching with children to choose which toy to take. In that moment I am so glad because I usually see children who leave with a smile on their faces, happy to have their favorite toy.

Personally, I find this activity so pleasant because it allows me to communicate with a new people- improving my social and language skills. There is no such a feeling like a moment when you see the joy of a children.