To make the day better – my experience of working with seniors

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Today I would like to share my six months experience of home visits, which are important part of EVS activites. Our hosting organization ,,Krugovi” provides different kinds of support for people in need; elderly, socially vulnerable, suffering from malignant diseases. Home visit is the moment, when we can offer our help, it may be cleaning, a walk or keeping company and talking.

Surely, volunteers face some unpredictable situations and challenges, then compassion and empathy can make a big difference. It is not easy to observe misfortune, loneliness and support people who are experiencing loss in their lives. From time to time it may seem not enough support for suffering person, but there are moments, when I can understand the value of this work.

One lady told me that she has the reason to get ready for the day and is looking forward to meet a volunteer. Her day looks just different. I had many nice conversations about family, friendships, love and all the things that really matter in life. We were looking at the old photos and I could listen to good and bad life stories. Sharing memories makes people more cheerful and they receive the attention they deserve. Working with seniors can be truly rewarding from many reasons: we can make a difference in somebody’s life, our time and effort is always appreciated and needed.

During every visit I try to do at least one thing to help in the flat. Dusting, cleaning the kitchen, washing the dishes, changing bedsheets is a simple way to make life easier. Not everyone can go to the shop, it means a lot, if I do it for this person.

I would like to say that volunteering is a valuable experience and I would encourage people, who have energy for helping others to get involved, even if it is only occassional help or couple of hours per month. This way we do what we can and we become people who positively impact the society.

See you soon!