Mid-term training for EVS volunteers

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In the middle of the project volunteers take part in a mid-term training organized by National Agency of Erasmus+. Training was an opportunity to meet volunteers from other associations, share our experiences and discuss different challenges during EVS.

We were free to choose most interesting topics for us, for example:
– What to do after EVS?
– What opportunities of working/studying/volunteering abroad are available?
– How to use skills gained during EVS in professional career?
– How to save money for travelling?

To answer those questions we could prepare, lead and participate in workshops during the training. All volunteers had creative ideas for presenting chosen topics. Most popular one was life after EVS. During the meeting we did some research about other international programs, we tried to name skills we gained in Croatia and wrote sample CV using the list of Youthpass competences.

One of the sessions was dedicated to our personal growth and strategies of dealing with crisis situations. Mid-term training is a space to share our concerns and in case of any problems we could get an advice from National Agency representatives. Most of us is exactly in the middle of the project, which means that some problems can still be fixed, whether it is a disapoitment in a project, conflict with organizations or flatmates. It is definitely worth trying.

This training took place in Split (Dalmatia), it was great, because after workshops we were exploring the city and swimming in the sea. Spending time with people, who are involved in EVS was fun! 🙂