My experience with the free tour in Zagreb

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Is something that you shouldn’t miss while in Zagreb.
This tour happens everyday and it starts on Ban Jelačić square at 11am and finishes on the same place two hours later.

The tour is only on the city center because is a walking tour and two hours is the perfect amount of hours to see the important things and then you have time to explore the city by yourself after 1pm. It goes from the tourist things through the cultural ones. You have the chance to learn a lot about every single step that the guide does.

Some spoilers:

Did you know that Zagreb’s population is almost 1 million? Considering that in all Croatia the population is 4 million, this is a wow moment.

When you talk about the square, every Croatian will know that you are talking about the Ban Jelačić square. This is the main square and many important events happen there. General Jelačić was one of the most important generals of Croatian history, and the main reason was his rule changing. He started with one rule that changed many things in Croatia. This rule said that all citizens have the same rights, and it didn’t matter if they were nobel people or not.

Did you ever hear about the bloody bridge? Or the three chandeliers from the cathedral? Or how Zagreb got the name Zagreb? No? Then go to the free tour and you will have the chance to learn the answers to these questions and many more things.

One more thing. The guide told us about some restaurants that we should try. If this picture doesn’t make you want to go to the tour, I don’t know what will.

I totally recommend you to do it. For sure I will be back.