My experience in the Donation Center

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Do you know that Krugovi has a Donation center? 

If you don’t know it, I will explain it to you. We have a little store where people can donate their old toys when they don’t want them anymore. We look around and if everything is in a good quality we put them in our store, and people can come and exchange a donation for those toys. The money that we collect goes to the Hospital to help mostly kids with cancer. By making your kids happy with new toys, you can also help other kids that are in need of your help.

I am a foreign volunteer that works in this Donation center. To work in a store that my only clients are locals is really challenging, as you can imagine. The language sometimes is a big barrier. But to be honest, I was really surprised because almost everyone can speak english. So, that makes my life so much easier. But not all clients speak english. I am working in the donation center for six months now, and I am used to hearing some words, so, even if I don’t speak the language I can understand what the person is saying. Or even by their gestures. Of course, a pen and paper are my best friends when I need to say big numbers. Or google translator when I really don’t understand a thing.

But overall, I think this experience is teaching me a lot. Overcome the obstacles and be able to communicate.