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Today I am going to show you how a Spanish tortilla is made.
It is the typical food that when you are Spanish, in a group oF foreigners, you must know how to do because everyone will ask for it.

Here I will reveal the secrets of my father to do it well and that you can also approach it, since it comes very well for meetings with friends and family as well as doing it to eat one day at home.

These are the steps that you must take:

-We peel the potatoes and very importantly, we dry them; -We cut thinly. We place them in a large bowl, where we will then mix with the egg and add salt. -We choose our largest nonstick skillet. We put it on the fire and add a good extra virgin olive oil.
-We introduce the sliced ​​and salted potatoes and let them cook for approximately 20 minutes over low heat.
-While the potatoes are being fried, in the bowl where we are going to throw the potatoes, we beat the eggs.
-Peel the onion and cut as thin as possible.
-In another pan heat olive oil and add the onion pieces.
-We poach until it has a golden color. The onion will be made before the potatoes, so drain and add to the bowl with the beaten egg.

Final part:

-Let the oil drain from the potatoes and then introduce them to the bowl with the onion and the egg.
-We rest the future tortilla for 15 minutes so that all the flavors come together. After those minutes this mixture is already delicious.
-In the same pan in which we fried the potatoes and once the oil was removed. We cook the mixture we have at rest. I like undercooked, that when splitting it with the fork a little liquid egg comes out.
-For this type of tortilla we only need 4 minutes over medium-high heat on each side. It depends on how curd we want the tortilla to be.
-To turn it around I use a large flat plate that I have for salads.
-Use the most comfortable and easiest method for you not to scatter, carefully. Do not despair if it does not come out, in that case, you will have a tortilla more curdled, but equally rich.