Improving social skills through the work with children

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If you’ve ever worked on a school, summer school, children’s club or any other environment involving children there are a few things you will have learned.

Working with kids has many sides. It can be hard, it can be challenging, you have to plan the day down to the minute, and make sure that you can rearrange your plans depending on the day play out, but most of all it’s fun, inspiring and amazingly awesome to be let into their world.

Children are unique beings who are still developing into the adult world. This means they haven’t yet learned most of the skills that you take as a human being.



This month we are starting working with them. We have two workshops per week in school, so my colleague and me are preparing some activities and games designed for children with age-appropriate materials. Our main objective is create an excellent atmosphere and classrooms that are warm and inviting.

We promote trust, respect and dignity universally. We play to learn and we do our best.

Participation and cooperation of children helps to build group cohesion and reduce prejudices between them.

In my opinion, it’s inspiring to be a part of their development, and it’s awesome to see the results they produce throughout the workshops.



Marta, Spain