While we try to teach children all about life, they teach us what life is all about

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Today I would like to share my experience of working in primary school. As volunteers we are involved in program ,,Pružam ruku”, which has been created for children to promote tolerance, integration, equal opportunities and support students in learning. During workshops we play games, discuss and help studying English, croatian and maths in an interactive, fun way.



This kind of work gives me satisfaction, especially when pupils are enthusiastic about tasks and put a lot of energy in activities.

There is always some good result, for example pupils learn new phrases, play game that helps to learn maths or go creative through drawing, storytelling, interpretation of the book.

Good side of EVS volunteering is that I am free to suggest new ideas. Classes may include variety of topics, depending on student’s needs.

Everytime we come to school children are asking, what are we going to do today? Me and Marta are trying to plan something new for every lesson.



Recently we introduced basic expressions in Spanish and Polish. Children learned all of them effortlessly 🙂

It would be great to encourage pupils to learn more languages. Nice way to practice writing in English is sending postcards to pupils abroad. We sent our first postcards to France, so now we are waiting for the answer.



We need to support also reading and writing in Croatian, to do so, children were drawing comics, and then had to write down the story.

I must say that children in school teach me a lot – enjoying the moment, curiosity, trust. I hope to make learning more fun and never let them get bored even when we must repeat maths.