Multicultural workshops with kids

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Hello everyone! Today I will tell you about one of the most interesting activities that we have done during our EVS. In my opinion, of course!

I’m talking about workshops that we did in schools where we presented our countries, Portugal and Spain, to kids.

It was a challenge for us and we were a little afraid to do it because we spoke in Croatian (at least we tried), but in the end, everything went well and it was very nice.

The workshop had two parts: a quiz and a typical game, from each country. It was a surprise for me how much kids know about Portugal (and Spain as well), I mean, they are in primary school. Of course, they know Ronaldo, but I wasn’t expecting they could point Portugal in the map for exemple, but they did.

It was also very nice to see they having fun while playing a Portuguese game. I think they really enjoyed and I’m glad to give them the oportunity to interact with someone from another culture.

If you want to see more about this activity check this link: