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“Being a volunteer is a way of being.”

Volunteering is above all the reflection of a social conscience, converted into action giving an organized response to social needs, from commitment, cooperation and commitment to the common good. Active people, critics, stewards, who care about social problems, the situation of specific people and groups, deepening in the causes and consequences, and especially involving and actively participating in the search for answers.

In this way, the role that volunteers have within the organization is based on three main functions: project development, emotional accompaniment and help at the donation center.

In the first place, we have a personal project that we can carry out within the NGO. We have to prepare, disseminate and carry on the project within the population. What helps us to measure and diagnose some social and emotional deficiencies.

Secondly, emotional accompaniment through home visits. This helps us to have more empathy and social awareness with older people.

Finally, the work within the donation center is about organizing donations, ordering the store and serving customers. The money raised goes to children with cancer.

These functions have as main objective: increase social commitment, greater dedication and increase of responsibilities. Within the entity our functions are perfectly organized, guided and organized. What benefits does this have? Commitment in solidarity with the users, innovation when we carry out the project, social change, motivation, enegrgia, community feeling, experience and illusion