The greatness of being a volunteer

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“Many small people, in small places, doing small things can change the world” – Eduardo Galeano

On 5th of december was celebrated the volunteer day. So, this time, I will talk not about being an EVS volunteer, but about being a volunteer in general.

Volunteering is one of the most priceless things that a human being can do. Being a volunteer means have the conscience that we are not alone in this world and is our duty to do something to make the world a little bit better. Means having a good heart full of love, compassion and empathy. Means not to conform with the bad things and be proactive and rowing against the tide. And also means have the courage to look inside of us and stand face to face with ourselves, with the best but also with the worst of us.

Usually, people (who are not a volunteer) look at volunteering like something which means to give without receiving. This couldn’t be more wrong.

Of course that we are giving our time, our knowledge and abilities. But we receive much more things. The gratitude of those we help as well as their smiles. We have the opportunity to grow up and became a better person. Doing volunteering we develop a lot of soft skills such as communication or project management. Also we can meet a lot of people with who we can share experiences.

So, being a volunteer means to help but also to grow up. Like we say in Portugal  “É juntar o útil ao agradável” (is to join the useful to the pleasant).