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Nowadays, People have blinders just like racehorses. They don’t see anything except themselves. They don’t think anything except themselves. And they are being more selfish day by day. Solidarity, helping without waiting for any response has long forgotten by people.  However, there are still some people who want to stop and change it. So there is still hope. And we all as volunteers are trying to be hope for the World.

Most volunteers who joined these ESC Projects already joined a lot of help projects in their whole life before joined any ESC projects. Because they have awareness about the World. And because they want to change the world as they can as. You may see that as a really small step for changing something. But don’t forget, “goodness is contagious”. It just like a domino. So if you can knock over just one part, it might knock over all parts. If you help someone, someone also will help to another one.

I have an ideology. Maybe it seems unrealistic. We cannot change adult people’s ideas. But we can change the children. Actually we must change the children and we must do something for them. Because maybe we cannot change the world but the children can change the world in the future. And because they still think pure.

If you ask us that “Where do you get the strength to do that?”, If you’ve never helped someone without waiting for any response, and if you’ve never seen the smiles of people after helping them, you can not understand. Because our strength comes from those smiles.

If you want to do something for this World, think about it. Maybe you can knock over the domino too. And don’t forget, goodness is contagious. If you need some motivation, just watch the smiling people.