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It seems very important to my to dedicate one article in order to explain you my personal perspective about home visits. Why home visits?

It is important to highlight that I am social worker. Therefore, the home visits is a technique that I have been studying during my whole degree. The exact meaning of that ones within my profession is: “ Typically a home visitor, who may be a nurse, social worker, other professional, or paraprofessional visits the home to provide direct services, which usually includes parenting and child-development services for new and expectant parents, as well as for other caregivers with children”.

Thanks to that, I have had the opportunity not only to learn how to get on with people, but also to be careful about all the things that from my profession I would be able to cover.

However, during my period university I have had wonderful moments, and other less better. From my experience, I have lives some bad situations doing home visits that after had an impact in my way to face others home visits. Furthermore, I felt myself under pressure, so I couldn’t develop my work as I wished.

So, when I was informed that our EVS included to do home visits, my first thoughts was full of fears, insecurities and burdens. Although, at the same time something inside myself, motivated me to do the home visits with as much joy as possible

When I arrived to Zagreb, I felt very good welcome by all the people. Also, they commented us that we will be with some other volunteer in order to be with a native speaker. So, tough in my first visit I was very nervous it was incredible. I really had the opportunity to be relaxed and enjoy the moment. It also happened to me the following visits.

Currently, I am enjoying every visit as much as possible, meeting new volunteers and new people. Also, it makes me feel that I am able to do home visits not being under pressure ( although it is true that here I am not a social worker, so is a different way of visits) and improving my personal skills.

Due to this, if you are reading this article, and you are nervous to face home visits, try to relax. I am sure that everything is gonna much better that you imagine. Even more, nothing could be wrong you will be with fantastic volunteers to share all the moments.