Travel with the cheapest way 2

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Previous article, I told about how to save Money and spending less Money for travels. This part is about how to travel with cheap transportation and accomodation.

For transportation, I used to start searching the flights on earlier dates. In this way, I could find cheap flights. Generally I prefered Rynair in Europe. I remember that I found a ticket for 10 Euros. If you prefer bus, the prices are generally similar. But you can find cheap buses as well.

When I arrive the city where I am traveling, I almost never use public transportation, taxi or uber. I walk. 2 years ago, when I was in balkan tour, I walked 20 km every day. Yes it was quite tiring. But I could see the whole city by walking everywhere. And with the Money which I didn’t spend thanks to walk, I spend for seeing other cities. By the way In that Balkan Tour, I spent just totally 150 Euros for transportation, accomodation, food and everything in 10 days.

There is another way to travel. It is to hitchhike. I have never tried it in Europe. But in Tukey, I traveled everywhere by hitchhiking. It is totally for free. You can write your destination on a cardboard. And wait for a car to stops. I met really nice people thanks to hitchhike actually. Even I found a job in a factory as inters. But like I said, I don’t know if it works in Europe.

Accommodation depends on your comfort. I used to prefer a tent. But also I have never tried it in Europe yet. I prefer it generally in seaside.

I traveled at nights. So I slept on the busses and I didn’t pay extra for accomodation. Sometimes I slept at airports, bus stations and train stations. Once in a mosque in Zurich as well. If you think these things are not for you, the most basic way is to book an hostel room. Hostels are always cheaper than other accomodations. Especially if you book a shared room with 6-8 people. I like hostels. You can find a lot of new friends in Hostels.

Or if you have friends with you, you can also book a home with your friends. It would be also cheap each.

I tried to tell some tactics about cheap travel with some short memories. I hope you find it usefull 🙂

Ali Kürşat Ustali