To do something for children

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I’m 24 years old. And I’m not married. But I have a lot of children. Do you wonder how I have? I will tell you!

As a person who spent the last 5 years for children, I feel like I discovered new pure earth when I meet a new child. The earth to be open to develop and learn limitless things. On the other hand, all children that I meet take me out of my own world to a new world and I feel refreshed. Just like a child. Luckily my organization Krugovi gives me many opportunities to spend time with children.

Every 2 weeks, We are going to a school to do some workshops with children. It was easy to make myself loved. They easily got used to me. Even they ask my friend why I didn’t come when I can’t go to them. They love me, I can feel it. They are my brothers, they are my children. I can spend much more time with them. If I have a bad mood while going to them, they can change it suddenly. We are talking about our lives. We are playing games and doing homework together.

Also, these children are special children. Most of them from the Middle east. So most of their life passed with some tragedy. That’s why we need to touch them some special. However, they are really smart children. They know Croatian and English except their own language. It’s so impressive for me because I’m not good at even English so much.

They might start life with negative points but to change it, they just need some attention. They can achieve everything with little support. And as I told my last blog article, to change a child is to change the World.