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Last October 15th, took place the EVS training course. The road was quite long, because we had to change several times from train to bus, but except that, the stay was unbeatable.

On the one hand, the place was perfect. We had spacious room, and everything was in the same place (the dinning room, the class…), there were also green gardens and even a pool at our disposal!
On the other hand, the content of the course, in my opinion it was quite useful, since for non-formal education everything is carry out in practice way and that’s how you learn best, testing your skills.

The group of volunteers was diverse, there were different nationalities, for this reason We were able to make an exchange of cultures and discussions of differents positions in one same situation. The harmony of the group allowed us to investigate how the Croatian culture dealt with issues such as equality and machismo. This point shocked me, since there is no force of feminist movements and it’s even frowned upon, since the women who follow it are called “feminazis” by other people.

We also talked about racism, and two volunteers from Armenia told us experiences of discrimination, and as a result of that they have to have the passport always with them.

Moreover, we talked about sexuality, and the datums surprised me a lot. The young people receive nothing of sexual education neither in the schools, nor in the institutes, nor in any place, so there is a high risk of unwanted pregnancies and of contagion of sexually transmitted diseases. At this point a great need is detected.
Finally, we share experiences about NGOs in which we were each, unfortunately not all were satisfied, this reason helped me to value more this opportunity that I am living.
To sum up, I can say that from this experience I take with me new skills to do projects, new people and lots of energy to follow here! 