How to travel with the cheapest way (Part 1)

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Seeing new countries is the dream of every people. Especially for youngers. Because we have a great energy to discover whole World. It sounds always exciting. New travel plan, new places, new people and definitely new adventure…

I spent my free times to see new countries as much as I could. In my opinion, richness is more about what you learnt and collected from this life. Reading or listening to others stories are not enough. You should have your own story to tell others. You should experience everything. This is the best way to learn. Luckily all ESC Projects are great opportunities for that.

First of all, you should learn how to travel with the cheapest way. That’s why you should have a chart for  your all spendings. You should list all Money that you have and spent. So, you can see your possibilities clearly when you want to do something. That was my table;

I had prepared this table in excel. I used formulas to calculated everything. I should have written only the Money that I got for the month and spent every day. In this way I could see every details about my monthly budget. And it made my travel plans easier.

I didn’t spend my Money for unnecessary things. For example, I didn’t use to eat out. I generally used to cook my food at home on my own. If you do that, You will see that you are spending less. It is also more healty. I’m not saying that “don’t hang out with your friends, don’t enjoy bla bla”. We hanged out almost everyday. But you should just realize what is necessary to spend Money.

Another thing is what kind of country you will travel. I mean, is it more expensive or less? If you will travel an expensive country, you should take your food with you. It can be sandwichs, conserve food, fruits like banana. And exactly you should take your own water bottle. So you can fill it anywhere when you finish.

These are about how to save Money for traveling other countries. 2nd part is coming soon. And it will be more about the cheap ways of transportation and accommodation.

Ali Kürşat Ustali