About Croatian people

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I’m coming from a country that is famous for its hospitality. Any person can guess which country it is if you say hospitality. Of course, it is Turkey. Generally, we Turks are warm-blooded, talkative and helpful people. And actually I had some worries before coming to Croatia. Because some people said to me that European people were a bit colder. However, it is not true for Croatian people. I’m going to tell you some memories about what I experienced with Croatian citizens.

First of all, I can say that every time when I needed something, they always tried to help me. Even if they didn’t know me. Even If I didn’t ask to help. Every time they helped me until finishing the works.

One day, I was looking for an address to give a Christmas gift to one of our users. It was a bit difficult to find the address. And suddenly a man came and said to me something in Croatian on the street.  As normally I didn’t understand and I said “ne govorim hrvatski” which was the sentence that I learned to say first in Croatian. Also, he didn’t know English. I showed him the address paper and he started to look for it with me. And when he couldn’t find it, he asked some random people. Finally, we found the address. Thank you no-name man :D.

The other story was in a bank. I had to take a number from the screen. But everything was in Croatian. That is why I didn’t know which department I could do my work in. And I asked 40-45 years old woman that which number should I take for money exchanging. She translated not only what I needed, but also she translated everything on the screen. And she took a number for me. 5 minutes later she came to me again and said that there were many people in front of me and I could go to the shopping center near to the bank to check the money rates. I mean, she tried to do her best to help me.

I have many stories to tell but this is the last one for now. I was waiting for the bus at the bus stop. The bus came and I started to wait for the passengers to get off. An old woman between the passengers who got off gave me her ticket by saying something. I just said “hvala” and took the ticket. I should mention that you can use a bus ticket in 30 minutes for any transportation in Zagreb. She probably said that I could use her ticket. It was very kind.

Thank you all Croatian people. I love you and your country.