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What is EVS?


European Voluntary Service- EVS is part of the Erasmus+ Programme – the EU Programme for Education, Training, Youth and Sport. The programme aims to enhance the skills and competences of young people as well as their active citizenship. Erasmus+ promotes mobility within and beyond the EU borders. The youth activities under Erasmus+ are based on non-formal learning and intercultural dialogue, and encourage the inclusion of all young people, regardless of their educational, social or cultural background.

Who can apply?


It is opened for young people from 17 till 30 years old who are willing to volunteer in foreign local community. Through this program you can grow personally and professionally, have a fun, learn more about yourself and find a new inspiration. You have possibility to improve your skills in many fields: digital, working with people, organizing, planning, presenting you knowledge and communication skills. All your skills will be evaluated and certificated in document Youthpass.



The European Union offers such an opportunity to young people because volunteering is valued as a non-formal learning experience enhancing volunteers’ professional skills and competences, thus contributing to their employability. At the same time, it increases their sense of solidarity, develops their social skills and promotes active participation in society. It is a win-win situation, where both the volunteer and the community benefit.

How to apply?


There are many opened position on European youth portal, where you can find a various association who have accreditation and offer volunteer program in duration from 2 weeks to 12 months. You can search for the best position depending on your personal interests.

European Commission is providing all money for your support to the hosting organization: travel costs, accommodation, food and pocket money are covered during your participation. You can apply for our volunteer programe by sending us your motivation.


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