How was Zagreb for me in this month

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First of all, I really don’t know how this one month spent. I learned a lot of things and experiences just in a month. So, I will tell you all about it now.

I arrived here on the morning of 12th October. And I had too much thought when on the plane. “How is the culture, how are people who live their “bla bla”. So actually I had some worries as normal. On the other hand, I didn’t have a visa because I have a green passport and we were getting the visa after arriving Zagreb. So, I had really some worries about border polices. Fortunately, There was no problem.

Jelena greeted me at the airport. She was the first person I talked to in Zagreb.

The other volunteers came after me. Daniel is from Petrinja/Croatia, Kristina and Natasa are from Bosnia. Jelena took us Jarun lake the first weekend. We had really enjoyed and tried to meet each other.

The other days, we started to work in Krugovi as ESC Volunteers. Krugovi is a really colorful organization. I’m telling in both meanings. Colorful teddy bears are everywhere. On the other hand, colourful people are everywhere. I really like here. They always asked me about how I am. They always helped with all topics like adaptation, visa problems, food(because I cannot eat pork)…

I generally spent my first month trying to adapt my works and learning the city. Because, I came to a different culture, different people and language and different city. But actually I really like here. Zagreb is so small city. But pretty cute. You can go anywhere you want by bicycle. Also everywhere is green. So Zagreb has a great nature. On the other hand, people are helpful and respectful. If you ask something to somebody, he tries to help you as best as he can. Also if you like nature, you have maybe thousands of options to visit in Zagreb.

But also there are something that force me. Especially Croatian. I need to learn some Croatian for being able to talk with elders. Because sometimes we are going to visit elders for helping them with some housework. And I understand nothing.

If you ask me, “what about English?”.: We have a really interesting education system in Turkey. Especially for language educations. When I came here, I was really surprised. Because everybody can speak English except elders. Even most youngers (10-15 yo) can speak English better than me. Sometimes it can be difficult to understand them for me. Actually, especially the first weeks were difficult for me because of that topic. Because I didn’t have much more practice in English when I was in Turkey.

The other topic is food. It was really difficult to adapt to food culture. I can’t eat pork but there’s pork in everything. However, I learned to cook myself. And it’s more economical and healthy.

In summary, I met really nice people. My flatmates and people who in Krugovi are incredibly good people. They helped me so much for every topic. On the other hand, Zagreb is a pretty cute city. Greatly peaceful city. I’m happy about being here.