Donation centre: behind-the-scenes work

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Today I want to talk about another activities carried out here in these three and a half months, or work in the Donation Center.

My first activity I did here, only one week after my arrival, was to fix games, books, and puzzles on the shelves of the office. It was a fairly simple, but useful job to give the possibility to people who came to buy the games to see them in perfect shape, so they have a bigger choice to choose from.



Another activity was to sell all these things. This was certainly more difficult for me because it was hard to sell things to people who did not know English, but only Croatian, plus, between us, not even my English is excellent… But after learning the Croatian numbers and prices I managed to reach this goal, that is to sell independently, with quite a good success.



The third activity was to prepare and color flyers and then distribute them to advertise the association. That is certainly another important activity, because I believe that this association deserves to be known and above all – helped, in achieving the right purpose to help others.

The fourth and the last activity is to cut games with the lens with scissors, to recycle old and unuseful teddy bears and to help make new handmade products from Krugovi from this material.



And that is all folks 🙂 This work in the donation center seems less important than the others I’ve talked about in previous articles, but I think that even this behind-the-scenes work is equally fundamental to achieve the goals that this brilliant association has.


Thanks to all,