List of things to bring with me on my EVS

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Are you starting this amazing journey and you don’t know what to bring with you? Don’t worry, here are some hints that can help you.

For the travelling day, you should take with you the following items in your backpack

-Mobile phone charger

-Computer *if you have one

-Computer charger


-Electric extension

-Power bank *really useful for the travelling days

-Extra phone *if you have one of your old phones, bring it with you because something can happen to yours

-Reading glasses *if you need

-Wallet *don’t forget your ID

-Food *in the airports the food is extremely expensive, so take with you some snacks

On your other bags you should take the things that you thinks it is useful for the specific place that you are going to. Imagine that you are coming to Zagreb, like we did, you need both types of clothes because in Winter time the weather is terribly cold, but in summer we have good weather as well. Be sure to pack exactly what you need.


-Winter jacket





-Beach towel

-Flip Flops

-Lots of fresh clothes


Other things

-Another backpack *big enough for weekend trips

-Belts *this is something that we always forget

-Lunch bag *if you need

-Day by day accessories (watch, necklace…)

-Medication that you usually use

IMPORTANT: don’t forget that sometimes the suitcases get lost in the airports, so you should have some little things one your backpack for the first days, like underwear, socks, one t-shirt, toothpaste and toothbrush.

Hope this can help you.