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This year is passing with many troubles. However, the worst one for me was to leave Croatia. After having many friends, new life, family, my children, and countless memories, it was quite difficult to leave them all behind me. Also, I left my goals and dreams there. I can say that Croatia had literally become my second hometown. However, I had to stop my project and return to Turkey because of the pandemic.

Everything could not be ended easily like that. During my journey to Turkey, I thought many things. Also, I wanted to continue my ESC Project. But it was not possible. Then, I thought about what I could do during the quarantine days within solidarity for people when I arrive at home. Because nothing could stop any volunteer to do good things. And I decided and started to give online English lessons to people who don’t know English very well.

It took about 1 month. After 1 month, I received a message from Croatia about I could continue my ESC Project from home as a home office. It was great news for me like rising again from darkness 😀 I still feel resentment because of can’t return to Croatia but at least I can continue to work with my team in Croatia. There is always hope. We cannot guess what life will bring us. Even I couldn’t guess that I could go to Croatia before everything. Also, I could not guess that I would leave Croatia because of a pandemic, and after that, I would continue the Project from home again. Life has many plans for us out of our plans.

We will do many good things again like what we did before.