Travelling vs COVID-19

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Travelling is important part of people’s life. For some of them it is the way how they gain some knowledge about countries and culture, for another way to relax next to beach and get some tan. No matter which group fits you better, traveling is just simply  an entertainment. Unfortunately, the pandemic of COVID-19 has changed everything in people’s life, including this area. More and more people decide to go abroad, albeit  there is still a lot of people who are afraid of exploring other countries, nowadays.

 Turkey, Cappadocia 

How to manage our journey, book a hotel, or choose a destination? 

Croatia, Rijeka

First, we should think twice, where exactly we are planning to go. Some countries are more convenient to travel than the other. The law about crossing the borders is constantly changing, but don’t worry, it takes less than 10 minutes to check it on internet websites. Hare are some of them: 

What is more, sometimes online gorps on Facebook can be really useful or any other social media. People give some tips, tricks and share experiences. Unfortunately form time to time people might share their options and there is no guarantee that information, which can be fund there, are valuable and true. 

Greece, Thassos 

Now a lot of hostels, hostels, apartments give their guest possibility of cancelling their reservation without any extra charge. Even if something gonna happened, you won’t lose too much money. Places like that are likely to be a little more expensive, but on the other hand, it might be worth it. The most popular website, where can you find it:

Czech Republic, Prague

And  last, but not least… destination. This is the most personal decision. Most countries in European Union lets their citizens travel with vaccine passport or the negative Covid test. But for those who would like to see other parts of the word, there is still some options beyond Europe. The common mistake that people made is only checking, how can we enter other countries, but they forget to get information about coming back home. Nobody wants to have an unpleasant surprise on the airport like quarantine. Now, the beginning of August 2021 without test you can go to for example Mexico, Albania, Spain or Macedonia. 

Netherlands, Eindhoven 

Ania Górecka