My EVS experience

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My interest for the EVS program started in July 2015 when I moved to Granada for 2 months to do a short term EVS. As you can imagine, the south of Spain in summer time is terribly hot. So, I became the typical Spanish because I was “forced” to do the siesta time. While I was there, I prepared activities for the youngsters, like workshops, and I also helped with Erasmus+ projects. All of this experience showed me that 2 months is not enough, and I should try to have a bigger EVS experience.

When I went back home I was still going to the 3° year of my university course, so I decided that I was going to finish university and I was going to do a long term EVS before I jumped into the jobs world. I was already a volunteer in the Red Cross by then, but I decided to join a new project there. And that project was responsible for EVS projects. I became a mentor as well, and that experience was overwhelming but a blessing. I became a friend to our EVS volunteers and I started helping with the volunteers that were going abroad.

Now, 2019, I moved to Zagreb 3 weeks ago and I will stay here for 6 months. Let`s see what this month’s can teach me.  I am thrilled to start this adventure.